Entente Cordiale

The renovation carried out in this apartment in Madrid, by the interior designer Pablo Paniagua, has established codes of elegance and comfort. The final result dialogues face to face with the magnificent original architecture of Luis Gutiérrez Soto.


Academic fees are updated and debugged in this interior design project of Pablo Paniagua. The main house surrounds a magnificent central courtyard, stately integrates elements

Premium Scenes

The interior designer Pablo Paniagua redefined the aesthetic of this Madrid-based apartment with a new and definitive proposal based on noble materials in white. An ideal framework for exceptional

Classic order

Whiteness, elegance and proportion between the parts are the basis of the balance achieved by Pablo Paniagua in this Madrid-based house. The starting point: capture

Noblesse oblige

Early century palaces, an old military chapel or the flaming remains of a 19th century pharmacy, take on new life transformed into shops, restaurants. Fantastic projects for a unique

My Little Secret

The new project of the interior designer Pablo Paniagua takes us to London, to a house with beautiful interiors that defy the passage of time. The quality of materials, impeccable

A Sensitivity Plus

The sensitivity plus that adds the interior designer Pablo Paniagua who we visit in his Madrid studio, inside the tower of a convent! It’s clear that in his projects runs

Here you have an A Plan

Ten proposals to enjoy the after-work trend or a Swedish-Hispanic menu; shopping in a grocery organic shop, in a fairy tale store or in a gourmet corner. Sign up for a pastry course or a flowers workshop; sleep in a design winery or travel